Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Surveys show that over 90% of peoples finding business websites, products and services by using search engines. Unless your website appears prominently on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, there is a possibility of missing your potential customers.Obtaining a prominent listing on the search engines does not happen accidently; also just doing a little alteration on web content, or using some keywords may not be enough to get top results. Yourwebsite should be systemically optimized to get higher search engine ranking/results.
It's called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and that's what we do.

Professional Search Engine Optimization results top 10 ranking in most of the SEs, which is the most cost effective and efficient web promotion method. We have the right tools and knowledge that ensure you to achieve high ranking in six months. We also have monthly maintenance plans that will ensure your rankings after the initial 6 month period.

Our SEO package includes the following optimization disciplines. Although, this won't tell you all the secrets, those are few common practices (Basic SEO disciplines) that makes search engines to both crawl and index your content more easier.

Our Effective Optimization Disciplines

  • Preliminary Market Research
    Analysing the state of your current market as it relates to the Internet.
  • Current Site Ranking
    The current position of your site ranking on various search engines.
  • Competition Analysis
    Analysis of which sites rank higher than yours, which are the specific keywords are queried etc.
  • keyword Analysis
    Determine up to 20 specific target key words and phrases by considering the search behavior of your target audience. ( We will create more than 100 keywords according to the 25 specific keywords)
  • Hosting Server Monitoring
    Evaluate server speeds and down times as these are directly effect your search engine ranking by a user leaving the pages do not download quickly.
  • Search Engine Submission
    Submission of the websites in famous search engine frequently.
  • Layout Structure Formatting
    This includes the optimization of Images and html codes, navigations, Meta tag (keyword) Implementation, Inclusion of Robots, home layout modification, new pages, site map etc.
  • Web Page Content Improvement
    Guidelines to building content that matches up with the specific keywords and more relevant to the subject of each page.
  • Mini Informational Sites
    It is a better way to build informational sites regarding the Industry, guidelines and faqs for your potential clients & beginners about your goods and services.
  • Validation Of Website to W3c Standards
    Make the pages to W3C Compatible.
  • Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal Linking
    Research on the relevant sites and to link to and have links from. This is an ongoing process, which involves communication and daily maintenance.
  • Progress Monitoring
    It includes the frequent observation of the website ranking progress and do the needful improvements in time.
  • Ranking Reports
    After the successful completion of our SEO phases, we shall send you the ranking report that displays rankings on various search engines. (We will also send you monthly reports in the 6 months period)
  • Traffic Reports
    Apart from the ranking reports, we will also be sending you the complete traffic report of the numbers visitors arriving your site, geographical oriented reports and much more.

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